about us

People working in the Food Bank

about us

New Hope Food Bank is a community based mission of New Hope Community Church. We partner with professional agencies and are supported by Councils, Schools, Supermarkets, Churches and Businesses.

We provide emergency food to individuals and families who are in short term crisis who are referred to us by our professional partners.

To show the love and hope of God by serving our neighbours in times of need and supporting their efforts towards stability.

The aim of the food bank is to provide emergency food to people in short term crisis. It is a simple concept designed to help people in short term crisis by offering free emergency food for seven days for up to four visits.

A table full of food

When you are on a low income and have no financial safety net, a sudden crisis such as bereavement, ill health redundancy, marital break up or even an unexpected bill, can leave you unable to feed yourself or your family. Such situations can then deteriorate in to something far worse. New Hope Food Bank works to help people who find themselves in these situations by directing them to relevant agencies such as money management and cognitive therapy. The immediate practical help provided by New Hope Food Bank gives the client and the referral agency breathing space to work together to resolve the underlying problems.

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how the foodbank works

step one

A box with the text "Donation Box" written across it. People are putting items of food into the box

The public donate non-perishable items to the food bank from a prescribed shopping list

step three

Items of food in a foodbank

Front line professionals such as GPs, Citizens Advice Bureau, Hospitals and Social Workers refer people to the food bank coordinator

step two

Volunteers packing items of food into food parcels.

Volunteers sort and pack the food in to parcels according to the amount of people in the family

step four

A full food parcel that is ready to be sent to the recipient

The food bank coordinator then arranges for volunteers to drop off the food parcels to the recipient